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Session 73

I'm really enjoying my new Anal Intruder Cockring and the result and feedback from my patients has been amazing. The smooth ball end hits the prostate at the perfect angle and while I stoke their cock it rocks back and forth over the gland to produce a very intense orgasm.This patient saved up a load for the entire week and thoroughly enjoyed his milking session. When patients hold off like that for my treatment I make sure it's extra special so I gave him a nice slow stroke to prolong the climax and pleasure. His cock was rock hard and each time the ball pressed on his prostate it pulsed through his shaft and got even harder.I figure this was going to be a big load so as soon as I could feel it coming I held my free hand under the head of his cock to catch it all. There was so much cum that it was spilling out of my hand and it just kept coming and coming with each long and slow stroke. This was an enjoyable session for the both of us.

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