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Session 46

This is a new patient and he couldn't decide if he wanted to ride the Sybian while I jerked him off or try one of my prostate finger massage while being milked dry. After some discussion he decided to try the finger prostate massage for this session and the Sybian for his next. I don't normally allow patients to touch me but in some cases I allow it if I know it's going to make their experience better. He liked touching my ass and abs so I felt it was pretty harmless and I could tell his cock was getting harder when he did it. Most guys like watching how big their cocks get in the pump and the pump I use has a ruler on the side so they can see what their best length is. I like doing this because it gets their mind engaged for a big release. While I had his cock fully engorged I inserted a thoroughly lube finger in his ass and his prostate was already very hard and swollen. He needed to cum bad and he was in the right place. I removed the pump and began to milk him by hand while I fingered his prostate. As he got close he asked me to make eye contact with him. This was hard for me because my favorite part is watching the cum shoot out of a rock hard cock.

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