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Session 42

Bonus Session: This is a new patient who wasn't sure if he wanted to try my prostate stimulation session so I started him out slow with just a standard cock milking session. But first, I wanted to see what he was working with so I pumped him up and he almost maxed out my cock pump. I was trying to massage under his balls to see if he would open his legs and give me an indication that he wanted a finger. He thoroughly enjoy my ball massage while he was fully erect in the pump. After removing the pump, I place one hand at the base of his shaft to create a finger "cockring" effect that works great to keep bigger cocks nice and hard. When he came, a few small streams of cum shot out and I thought that was it until a few large ropes followed. I told him how impressed I was by that. I like big cumshots like that because I can only imagine how good that must feel.

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