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Session 47

This is my most loyal patients and he comes in each week for his scheduled ball draining session. I've been working with him to help him control his orgasms but he's normally very excited by the time her arrives at my office and starts stroking his cock as soon as he gets undressed. I'm working with him to break that habit because he doesn't need the extra stimulation. He was extremely excited today and I could tell by his body language that he refrained from cumming like I told him. I prepped the Sybian as usual and told him to mount it. I was putting the cockring on him and that's when he started thrusting in my hand. I wanted to extend the session to train him on how to control his climax but the Sybian was already doing it's job and he shot his first load quickly. He was still hard and was ready for another one so I used the vibrator on the head of his cock while I stroked his shaft for another big release. I may have to try a different approach and cage his cock for an entire week.

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