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Session 62

OMG, I'm so excited that I had my very first successful milking using the Venus 2000 and it was a good one!!! This patient was already extremely excited to try this and he held off from cumming for a full week. I knew it was going to be a good one because when I was strapping him down to the bench he was dripping pre-cum everywhere.He wanted prostate stim but he got so excited that we didn't even get that far. As I was adjusting the speed and length of stroke, he started moaning and really getting into being milked uncontrollably. I was working my way to his prostate and as I was massaging his balls he shot a huge load into the Venus.Once he was completely done making his deposit, I removed the Venus vacuum tube and poured the cum into my gloved hand so you guys can see how effective this session was. I had two other patients that day and they both had similar results which was very exciting for me, and them of course.

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