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Session 40

Bonus Session: This patient always comes ready to cum and I love that. I can usually tell by the look in their eye and body language if it's going to be a good session or not. So far all my patients do a good job of saving up big ones for their session. He was very excited today and shortly after I got him lubed up and cockring on I could tell he wanted to cum. I didn't even turn the Sybian on and he started thrusting. A few moments after he got seated he sat up because he was getting too close and didn't want to cum. That's when I turn the vibration on and he sat back down which made him shoot a huge load.

He always produces big ropes of cum during his sessions and I enjoy hearing them hit the wall behind me. He's the only patient I put a towel on the floor for. After he was done I continued to milk him with my hand while he stayed on the Sybian. I like getting two loads out of a patient but in most cases the first one is so intense that they are completely satisfied and drained after the first one.

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