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Session 48

I had a very excited new patient today who was up for experiencing a few new things like the cock pump and prostate massage. I pumped him up nice and hard while I finger massaged his prostate to get him ready. He thoroughly enjoy that part and I could tell by the pre-cum forming at the tip of his cock that he needed a good release. As I was stroking his thick cock, he totally got in the horny zone and before I realized it he had my yoga pants down to my ankles and was going to town on my ass. I'm normally in the zone at this time as well so to keep the pace going I sometimes let the patient enjoy himself. Things were going great but he got a little too excited and was trying to get his tongue and fingers up my ass. Luckily that was enough to push him over the edge and he shot a nice big load. A good cock milking will calm any man.

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