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Session 66

This patient drove several hours just to have one of my sessions. How awesome is that! I could tell by his excitement and energy that this was going to be a good treatment.He has had some experience with prostate play and bondage but never anything quite like this. When I first started using the Venus 2000 on the Milking bench I discovered a few interesting things. I found the right size tube that gives the most pleasure. The size of the tube has to be just right to create that sucking effect which milks the cock.

This vacuum takes the orgasm whether or not the patient wants to give it up or not.The other thing I discovered is the mental effect being strapped down to the bench has on the patients. This alone enhances the experience more than anything. I'm looking into ways which I can do the same thing with the Sybian so that the patient is completely helpless and at my mercy.This patient came so hard that he popped the top off the Venus tube. Lucky most of the cum was captured in the cup so I was able to show you the results.He wants to try the Sybian next so we're both looking forward to that session!

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