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Session 65

This was an excellent Venus 2000 milking session which produced a very intense orgasm for my patient and a huge load.He likes to be completely strapped down to my Milking Bench and completely helpless. I like this too because I don't know where body parts are going to go when a guy starts climaxing.As soon as the Venus sucked the head of his cock into the tube he started moaning so I knew this was going to be a good one. The machine was sucking his cock nice and slow which is almost like torture for most guys. To help him along, I massaged his Perineum. It's that spot between his balls and ass. I can monitor progress at that spot and can tell when he's getting close. I also enjoy the feeling of the cum shooting out as I apply pressure there.He requested the inflatable butt plug for this sessions but he was so excited that we didn't get that far before he made his deposit.

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