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Session 51

A new patient contacted me recently and wanted a session but wasn't quite ready to ride the Sybian so we both agreed that we'd start out slow with the cock pump followed by a prostate massage handjob. I think all patients are impressed when they see how big their cocks get inside the pump so that's always a good confidence booster. Once it's fully pumped up I like to manipulate the prostate until I get some good pre-cum forming at the tip. One finger slipped in easily so I tried two and that was just right. This was the first time I used two fingers on a patient and I got good results so I'm going to try this more often. I think getting two fingers on his prostate helped produce a bigger load because I could apply more pressure. Once the prostate starts to swell I can pretty much just apply more pressure to produce an orgasm but I think the nice steady stroking really pushes the guys over the edge and drains them dry.

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