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Session 67

This is the same patient that's been in Sessions 25, 44 and 49. He gets super excited during his sessions and his cock stands straight up before starting to drip pre-cum. For this session he wanted to try the Milking Bench but was concerned about cumming to quick so he asked if I could focus on his prostate first, which I was happy to do.I've never seen anyone produce as much pre-cum as he did while I massaged his prostate gland. This was a good indication that he was due for a big release and the Venus 2000 was going to suck it out of him as he was helplessly strapped to the bench.I was watching his body language closely as the machine was sucking and stroking his rock hard cock. When I saw that he was reaching climax, I inserted my middle finger deep into his ass and massaged his swollen prostate which pushed him over the edge and the Venus took his cum.The satisfying effects of this type of intense orgasm lasts for days and I'm sure he was floating on a cloud for the rest of the day.

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