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Session 56

I like being able to stimulate a patient's prostate with my finger because I get to feel his hard cock in one hand and get to feel his prostate swell with the other. But, I really enjoy knowing that the Sybian is a very intense experience for the guy and once he starts to climax it's really going to stimulate his G-Spot.I have to take things slow with this patient because he normally doesn't cum in between sessions so he always has a big load stored up for me. Once he was comfortable on the Sybian and we had a nice vibration going, I got his cock nice and hard with the Cock Pump. I could tell by his body language that he thoroughly enjoyed this and he was getting close.I wanted to milk him dry and see his thick ropes of cum shoot across the room so I removed the pump and slowly stroked out every last drop.I recently ordered a special "Milking Bench" and can't wait to get him on it after he's been saving his load for a week.

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