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Session 72

I just bought a new toy to add to my growing collection and this one is called the "Anal Intruder Cockring" which is a basically a stainless steel cockring that has a butt plug attached to one end. When properly used each movement of the cock pulls on the butt plug which stimulates the prostate.I was excited to try this out on 4 patients today along with my Venus 2000 milking machine.This patient has been waiting about a month for a session and hasn't cum in a week so I wanted to make sure I made it worth the wait. I put his cock and balls into the cockring end and then slowly worked the butt plug end into his ass. This was a new experience for him so I wanted to make it a memorable one.Once everything was seated properly I introduced his lubed-up cock to the Venus 2000 milker. It sucked him all the way in as I watched his cock grow inside the tube.

I didn't vary the speed this time because I wanted it to be a slow edging session. I was a bit surprised that he didn't get frustrated but he just laid there quietly and let me do my thing.As the milking machine slowly edged him closer and closer to a full release, he began to trust his hips up and down which was moving the Intruder in and out of his ass and massaging his prostate. I'm sure at this point he had no clue what I was doing back there.I kept the slow and steady speed but wanted to add the next level of pleasure by gently massaging his swollen balls. I knew he was close and that was all it was going to take to give him a mind blowing orgasm. He had no choice but to lay there helplessly as I controlled his pleasure and determined when he could release.Every patient that experiences this type of orgasm tells me later that it holds them over for several days. That's the power of prostate milking.

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