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Session 35

This is the same patient from Session 30 and I was happy to see him back for another milking. He enjoyed the Sybian very much and was able to achieve a hands-free orgasm so I decided to hand milk him this time while massaging his sensitive prostate with my finger. Before I go started, I used a vacuum pump to make sure he was good and hard with lots of flow. After removing the pump, I put a cockring on him to ensure I'd get a powerful cumshot. He told me it's been about a month since his last orgasm so I didn't expect this to be a long session. As I stroked his cock, he spread his legs in anticipation of my finger. Shortly after I started manipulating his prostate I could feel it swell and start to get hard. That's when the first rope of cum shot out of his cock and landed on my arm. I have a hard time containing my excitement when things like that happen and that's why I got in trouble with the Doctor that time I was telling you guys about. I continued a steady rhythm after he was done cumming and I was hoping I could get a second one out of him if I kept pressure on his prostate while I slowly milked his cock but I got all the cum out on the first one. In many cases a prostate orgasm is so intense and satisfying that many of my patients are completely done on the first one and won't feel the need to ejaculate for several days after the session. I try to make them so intense that it holds them over until their next session. I enjoy being their only form of release.

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