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Session 138

Well this was a first! A female patient wanted to schedule a session where she was fucked with a strap-on. I wasn't sure about accepting this session but thought I'd let one of my girls try it to see how it goes. Who knows, this might be a type of session that's in demand.

I'm not into girls in a sexual way but I will occasionally give them a session. I have to admit that this one looks likes something I could do and possibly enjoy.

Instead of using a conventional strap-on, Jasmine used what I guess you might call a "Strap-In" which is basically a dildo that goes inside her and the other end goes inside the girl. This allows both girls to enjoy the experience and it does look like it would feel pretty good. I'm not sure if I could cum from this but I'd like to try it sometime. The patient had an orgasm so that's all that matters :)

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